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Blue Marble Pictures is a production company based in Reading UK. Our work includes event filming, music videos, bespoke actor show-reels, documentaries, and social media content. We also produce short non-commercial films because we love to create content we think others might enjoy. Everyone has a story to tell - let us tell yours.

Karen Cripps


A filmmaker and videographer, Karen has created a number of short films and documentaries. Some projects she has worked on independently, and others as part of a team. She is also an imaginative writer with a natural ability to bring stories to life. Some of her scripts and short films have received awards.


Karen has taken courses in media production, advanced screenwriting, filmmaking at Reading College, and the Chris Jones Masterclass in guerrilla filmmaking. Received training in first aid & fire fighting from the Fire & Rescue Service Commercial & Industrial training unit, and completed a health and safety course. She is also a gifted photographer.

Recent work includes music videos, social media content, and event filming. As well as working for local clients, Blue Marble Pictures has worked with international companies including; Growth Products USA, ITR8 Singapore, The Ortus Club Singapore, and provided footage for the BBC One Show, South Today and Meridian News. In 2022 Karen worked as assistant producer on the film Haywire, and as a newcomer to feature length films found the experience enjoyable and rewarding. She is hoping for similar opportunities in the future.     


Karen enjoys making short fiction films, documentaries, local history films, and more recently nature films which can be viewed on Facebook and the YouTube channel Urban Wild. She has written several speculative feature film scripts.  


Being a keen amateur astronomer Karen chose her company name based on the famous 'Blue Marble' photograph of planet Earth taken by NASA in the seventies. There's a world full of stories waiting to be told, and as a writer and filmmaker, Karen hopes to bring some of them to life.   

Alongside producing short films, her artistic vision enables her to create engaging videos for websites and social media thus making her a trusted partner for businesses, charities and organisations looking to create promotional, training videos and other types of content. 

Karen's passion for storytelling and dedication to her craft are evident in every aspect of her work. Whether she is directing or producing a film, writing a script, or capturing images with her camera, she approaches every project with the same level of creativity and professionalism.

Zoe Cripps


From an early age, Zoe has had a love of film, particularly animation. She has a very good eye for photography and enjoys working on camera. 


Whilst still at school she joined a local film club and completed a course in filmmaking and made her first short film.


After leaving school she went on to study media and production level three at Reading College which she passed with a merit. 

Zoe spent three years studying at the Arts University Bournemouth and graduated in visual effects for film and television at the age of 21. 

She has experience filming with various cameras and using editing programmes such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Nuke and Maya 3D. 

Naturally creative, Zoe also has an excellent grasp of social media and what works well from a youthful perspective.


Zoe is also a streamer on Twitch and whilst she does this for fun, she has also raised over £3000 for various charities.       

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